The 2018 BMW Safari GS Enduro is heading south to Tasmania. Start thinking about loose slippery tracks, hill climbs and some sand thrown into the mix. Tasmania has a wide diversity of trails so to get to as many regions as possible we will be also covering some distance. This will entail a couple of 400km plus legs to reach our destination at the end of the day.

Be Warned The GS Enduro is the more difficult of the two GS Safari events. Its designed for riders who have experience at riding adventure bikes on the dirt, and can handle more than just basic terrain. Riders should have possibly already participated in a previous GS Safari, attended a BMW Off-road Rider Training course or have solid off road riding experience.

THE DATES – 15-19 October

Please note that due to logistical considerations we will not be hosting a welcome function on the first night of the GS Enduro. The start will be on Monday morning 15 October in Devonport. This allows riders arriving on the ferry to ride straight to the riders briefing at a nearby park.  A light breakfast and coffee will be provided.


With a long and proud history dating back to 1994, Australia’s BMW Safaris are among the longest running BMW Motorrad customer rides in the world. The GS Safari Enduro was started in 2013 due to the overwhelming popularity of the regular GS Safari.


Most riders will ride off the Ferry on Monday morning to be greeted with a cooked breakfast and early morning riders briefing. From there we ride in an anti clockwise direction around the state over the following 5 days finishing up on Friday night with a spectacular closing dinner in Launceston.


The GS Safari group is a diverse bunch from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome, as long as you’re riding a GS! Riders from around the country will descend on the shores of Devonport for this once a year GS Enduro experience.


Riding remote and adventurous trails always raises concerns about tyres. What if I get a flat, how do I fix it? BMW Safari look after all of this with a dedicated tyre support vehicle. Tyres can be pre-purchased and fitted at the start and during the event. Customers can also pre purchase a spare tyre (or tyres) to fit during the week. Emergency tyre repairs are easily taken care of on-route or at the end of the day. We suggest participants have a tyre plan, this may include pre purchased spare tyres in case of any unexpected tyre issues during the event.


This years GS enduro has 3 levels of accommodation with the Explorer package also including two nights of camping! Generally, we try to stay in comfortable motel style accommodation of 3 and 4 start quality.


Having your luggage transported each day has real advantages. Removing the added weight of luggage from your bike during the event is a huge advantage, especially when conditions become challenging.


Sometimes riding to and from the Safari is an event in itself. We have reserved places for the group on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. A booking link will be provided when you register for the event.  For those that are time poor we can arrange bike transport although our start location is located near the ferry in Devonport and not the airport which is located in Launceston. You might consider having your bike transported to Melbourne and then catch the Ferry to Devonport Sunday night.


There is nothing quite like high quality training to sharpen you up for a week of adventure riding. At this year’s GS Safari Enduro we will again offer a 2 day off road training course, which will include valuable information and skills training to give you the best preparation for this enduro adventure. Off Road Training dates for this event will be the 13-14 October at a location close to Devonport.


One of the things many of our customers appreciate is the amount of support provided.

  • Medical support
  • Luggage vehicle
  • Sweep Vehicle / technical support
  • On-Bike Technical Support
  • Tyre Support
  • Pre Event BMW Off-Road Training (optional)
  • BMW Safari Management crew

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Start Date

October 15, 2018

Finish Date

October 19, 2018