To continue celebrating 25 years of BMW SAFARI we have planned a route that will take you deep into the Australian Outback for the 2019 GS Safari Enduro. Your adventure begins at the gateway to the outback; Mildura, VIC. Heading north from there to continue our journey through the red centre and, six days later, finishing up at Alice Springs. Along the way you will tick off some exceptional outback riding experiences like Danggali Reserve, the Flinders Ranges and the Oodnadatta Track. This is the GS Safari Enduro so it is not going to be a walk in the park. There will be a minimum two camp nights for everyone on the event, with our regular three package options offering different levels of comfort.



This route is for the more experienced adventure rider; there will be sand, there will be bull dust, and some days will be long. How much sand? We can hear everyone asking already! Well in the scheme of the whole route not that much, but that is relative to your relationship with the soft stuff. You will experience sand mostly on the first and last days of this ride and we will also offer the regular pre-Safari Rider Training; this will be focused on desert riding techniques and include a large sand riding element. You will need some mental strength at times along with a great attitude to adapt to the infinite possibilities the Australian Outback may throw our way. As usual you will have the exceptional support of the Safari Crew to help in every way we can. Expect days of around 450km’s and the odd longer one than that. We don’t want to talk you out of this ride but we want you to understand, for many reasons, it is not an everyday adventure ride. Most of the challenge with outback riding is staying focused on the job at hand, not letting complacency creep in. You will cover large distances without much challenge; you then have to be ready for the one short section of bull dust, sand or ruts that can catch you out.



Sunday 25th Aug – Registration, Briefing & Pre Safari Dinner Mildura, VIC

Monday 26th Aug – Depart Mildura, VIC

Saturday 31st Aug – Arrive Alice Springs, NT



This event is capped at 110 entrants.



We leave Mildura and begin the journey north for a six day ride, through Danggali Reserve, Arkaroola and up the Oodnadatta Track and finish up at Alice Springs.



The GS Safari group is a diverse bunch from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome, as long as you’re riding a GS! Riders from around the country will head to Mildura for this once a year GS Enduro experience.



Riding remote and adventurous trails always raises concerns about tyres. What if I get a flat, how do I fix it? BMW Safari look after all of this with a dedicated tyre support vehicle. Tyres can be pre-purchased and fitted at the start and during the event. Customers can also pre purchase a spare tyre (or tyres) to fit during the week. Emergency tyre repairs are easily taken care of on-route or at the end of the day. We suggest participants have a tyre plan, this may include pre purchased spare tyres in case of any unexpected tyre issues during the event.



The 2019 GS Enduro will have 3 levels of accommodation package. There will be 2 mandatory camping nights for the whole group. The packages will offer single and shared accommodation options and the Wanderer package will feature more camping and a more budget oriented price. Keep in mind we are very remote and accommodation will reflect that, it’s an adventure not a 5 star getaway, but that is half the fun! Accommodation is from Sunday night (25th Aug, Mildura) – Saturday night (31st Aug, Alice Springs) 7 nights total.



Having your luggage transported each day has real advantages. Removing the added weight of luggage from your bike during the event is a huge advantage, especially when conditions become challenging. Riders are strictly limited to two 55L soft luggage bags. One for personal items and one for camping gear.



You will be required to bring your own camping gear. A small compact swag or camping gear (tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag) that can fit into a 55L soft bag. There will be shower and toilet facilities at all camp locations. All meals will also be provided at camp locations.



Bike transport will be available to Mildura and from Alice Springs at an additional cost.



If you would like to head out on day one of Safari warmed up and feeling the flow then this is for you. It is a specific course put together for this BMW GS Safari Enduro; it is designed to help you prepare for the desert riding ahead.

The course will be conducted over 2 days (24th & 25th August) at a location close to Mildura, VIC.

We will cover:

  • Standing Position
  • High Speed Braking
  • Sand Riding Techniques
  • Line Selection
  • Reading Terrain
  • Desert Riding Tips
  • Cornering
  • Clutch & Throttle Skills
  • + more



One of the things many of our customers appreciate is the amount of support provided.

  • Medical support
  • Luggage vehicle
  • Sweep Vehicle / technical support
  • On-Bike Technical Support
  • Tyre Support
  • Pre Event BMW Off-Road Training (optional)
  • BMW Safari Management crew



With a long and proud history dating back to 1994, Australia’s BMW Safaris are among the longest running BMW Motorrad customer rides in the world. The GS Safari Enduro was started in 2013 due to the overwhelming popularity of the regular GS Safari.

The 2019 BMW GS Safari Enduro is a ride through the outback that should not be missed! We have just returned from our final reconnaissance ride and we are even more excited than ever for this route.

We have a constant flow of questions about this route and many riders wondering if they are up to the task. So here is some more information to help you answer that question.

The Safari Enduro is definitely a step up from the regular GS Safari, but it’s not extreme, it’s a bit longer distances each day, a bit more technical terrain and being outback there are some short sandy sections on two of the days, but not deep rutted sand, more hardpack roads with some sand content, with occasional sections of fluffy sand that can be navigated around, or through.

When planning this route together the Safari team wanted to put together the most diverse range of terrain, visiting some of Australia’s most iconic outback locations, spending as little time as possible on the big straight outback tracks and limiting the amount of sand so that as many riders as possible can enjoy the challenges without doing it too tough on the bigger bikes.

Day 1 Highlights: Dangalli Resevation feels like you are riding through Africa, before filtering through South Australian farmland.

Day 2 Highlights: Some rocky twisty double track through gated farmland with dry creekbeds. Touching on the western side of the Flinders past Wilpena Pound and North towards Blinman before taking the tighter flowing and sometimes technical trails of the Nantiwarinna Aboriginal territory and finally the flowing dirt roads into Arkaroola Village.

Day 3 Highlights: Arkaroola is an adventure rider’s paradise, hilly, technical and incredibly scenic. The days riding will have it all, 2 loops, do 1, both or take the day off.

Day 4 Highlights: Exiting the village the ride through the Gammon Ranges is breathtaking, and a contrast to the end of the day. Riders then head north to Maree where riders can take an optional joy flight over Lake Eyre, its currently at its highest level since 1972. Then a quick spin along the Oodnadatta Track to the famous William Creek Hotel, where flights are also available.

Day 5 Highlights: Another blast along the Track to Oodnadatta where the route heads north towards Hamilton and Mt Dare. The tracks get twisty and hilly and occasionally the landscape becomes mars like. Before arriving at Mt Dare, the gateway to the Simpson.

Day 6 Highlights: More mixed scenic terrain winds its way towards Finke where riders have the choice to ride either the old Ghan line beside the famous Finke racetrack, or take the easier gravel and bitumen run into Alice.

Participants don’t need to be expert off road riders, but off road experience is required. Riders with less off road experience will benefit from some fitness to ensure they have the required stamina. An off road training course will take place in Mildura on the two days prior to the event for anyone who wants to brush up on skills.

As with all BMW Safari events the support is second to none, medical, technical, tyre etc. The team are very experienced and put on an impressive show.

Start Date

August 25, 2019

Finish Date

August 31, 2019


Mildura - Alice Springs

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