Improve You Skills

Improve your skills and you will get more out of your riding by riding smoother and safer and possibly a little faster too.

That’s why more and more riders are getting the benefits of BMW’s proven Off Road Training courses, there is no better way to prepare yourself for a GS Safari than to sign up for the pre Safari training course.

Whether you are quite new to adventure riding or have experience and would like a “refresher” to improve your skills and get your eye in, the course is a great idea. Many riders sign up because they know they will benefit, don’t be the rider that should have signed up but didn’t.

Course Content

During the two-day course, participants are taught the fundamental techniques of off-road riding and will progress to a much higher level. These basic techniques are the core elements of novice through to advanced riding. Pre safari course is based on the BMW Off Road Training Level 1 program although riders at a higher level will be provided with elements of level 2 content.

Some of the skills covered are:

• Slow-speed manoeuvring and control
• Correct body position/balance
• Throttle and clutch control
• Cornering
• Braking
• Ascending and descending hills safely and confidently
• Riding over/around obstacles

Pre-Safari Off Road Training IS OFFERED ON MOST BMW SAFARI EVENTS AND Can Be Booked During THE SAFARI Registration PROCESS

More information about BMW Off Road Training can be accessed through the link below.