Take advantage of the BMW Safari Pre Safari Technical Inspection, this will ensure your bike is ready. Book this in with your dealer taking into account that they may be busy (hint: Don’t leave until the last minute).


Make sure you are able to easily carry your gear, whether it be in panniers or soft luggage on the back of your bike. Tank bags are a great way to carry the items you may need throughout the day, like camera, phone, route sheets/maps, waterbottle, sunglasses etc. You can even store a charging hub powered by your bikes 12v outlet port to keep items fully charged. Ensure any soft luggage is securely attached your bike.


You want to wear good riding gear, because weather conditions can vary drastically and unfortunately things don’t always go to plan. As with everything, you get what you pay for, good riding gear is an investment, it should last you many years and having it should give you good peace of mind.

Should be comfortable, weatherproof, abrasion resistant and ideally have CE Approved soft armour inserts fitted in key areas (knee, hip, elbow, shoulder and back). Multiple ventilation zips helps for when conditions are warmer.

Should be purpose built with good coverage and being waterproof is a must.

You should always travel with two sets of gloves, one pair for colder or wet conditions, waterproof and with a built in squeegee on the left index finger to easily wipe your helmet visor in the rain. Another set of lighter gloves is very handy for when conditions are warmer, these should still be strong and abrasion resistant, they just don’t need to be as insulated and bulky.

Your helmet should fit well, snug but not so tight it causes discomfort when worn for longer periods. You should have a tinted and clear visor, or the new flip down tinted visor is a good solution for varying light conditions. An anti fog insert or treatment is a great idea also.


In 2014 BMW Australia partnered with the world renowned California Superbike School organization (CSS). CSS provide a very high quality training program called “The Art of Cornering” in two locations, Sydney Motorsports Park and Phillip Island.

Don’t let the “superbike school” name scare you off, the courses are for all riders on all bikes.

If these locations are not suitable we recommend that you source a quality rider training program closer to home.
We are hoping to offer CSS rider training at TS Safari events in the future, stay tuned for more information via BMW Safari news.

For information on California Superbike School visit